Wills & Powers of Attorney


We can help you with making your Will.

Why do I need a will?

If you die without a will, your assets can be frozen, whereby no-one can access your bank accounts other than to pay for your funeral and any tax owing. Things that you own cannot be sold or given away until someone has been appointed to take over the administration of your affairs.

If you die intestate the first step is to publicly advertise your death and call for claims on your estate, then the first person to apply to take over the administration of your estate (this person must be a beneficiary) can take control of your assets.

If there are no family members that can be located then your assets are sold, including your house and personal belongings.

Your money is then divided according to a strict government formula.

Large costs can be levied against your estate by the government for winding up your estate.

Expenses can chew up your estate if there are any court battles, as you are paying for this.

Your will…


  • Protects your family
  • Stops the erosion and costly bureaucratic charges
  • Minimizes protracted and costly court cases
  • Specifies how your assets are divided
  • Is easy to arrange either at home or at work
  • For busy people instructions can be taken over the phone

A will is a very simple matter – and yet so often overlooked. A surprisingly large number of people die intestate. No one plans to die but it does happen and often leaves our loved ones fighting and unprotected. Some clients believe that a divorce ensures that their ex partner will not receive any more of their money. However if there are dependants from the former relationship then you will need to specify who gets what and how. Your new partner may receive nothing in the event of your death.

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